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cd2101 Manuals for IBM System 360 and System/370 in PDF format

This is a collection of IBM manuals converted to PDF format and recorded on 2 CDROM's. It may not be every manual ever published on these systems, but it's a lot. You will find Principles of Operation, Program Logic Manuals, programmers' guides, Language reference, Linkage editor, and all sorts of other things. You will need Acrobat Reader, or a similar viewer, to use these disks. The files are not compressed or archived, and can be viewed directly from the CD.

Disk 1 contains System/360 manuals, and also some on the 2250 and 3270 terminals,

Disk 2 contains System/370 manuals. These manuals were downloaded from and , where you can go to see all the titles. You can also downoad them yourself, if you like.